THE BLACK SHEEP: whiskey + wine + noshery

whiskey + wine + noshery

This spectacular, two-story historic dairy barn with exposed-beam vaulted ceilings –known as the Thomasson Barn, built in 1929– houses the rustic industrial The Black Sheep: whiskey + wine + noshery. The vintage barn features a dedicated arts and entertainment space as well as private dining rooms in the lower level barrel-aging quarters. We are committed to promoting locally sourced cooking and in supporting our local farms and farmers. We strive to procure only the freshest ingredients grown locally, while providing a palate of world inspired comfort food. Make your reservation today!

The Black Sheep RestaurantThe Black Sheep Restaurant

Our Team

Vanessa Tewilliager

General Manager

Justin Arriola

Executive Chef

Woody Fakthaising

Executive Sushi Chef